The Best Panerai PAM961 Replica Watches In Japan

The most significant change of Panerai this year is to regard the professional diving watch SUBMERSIBLE as a separate series. In order to make the stealth series more attractive, Panerai's new line of products released at the Geneva Watch Exhibition are all stealth series, which can be said to be the "year of the stalker's counterattack." Because it is a professional diving watch, the stealth series is equipped with a rotating bezel and a bridge. It is fully equipped. Many new products use a special material case, which makes people feel more impact and add a sense of technology. Panerai PAM961 watches are also very popular in Japan, and many young people like it very much, they will choose the highest quality panerai replica watches. Young people in Japan usually use google to search for replica watches online shop, and then make a purchase. For example, replica watches on this website is very popular because this website is very professional and only sells the best replica watches in the world.

In fact, this pam961 has the same basic configuration as the previous pam979, and there are many similarities, the dial diameter is also 47mm, and there are words on the dial at 6 o'clock. Small three hands, there is a calendar at 3 o'clock. It is also a polymer carbon fiber Carbotech material all-black case, bezel and black carbon dial. The unique pattern is very cool. The difference between the two is that 979 is a white theme, luminous hands and hour markers are white, and 979 is an unrestricted regular version. 961 is a green theme, using green luminous hands and hour markers, 961 is a limited edition, limited to 33. This is also the first time that Panerai uses the deep olive green luminous hour markers and hands, with the same color rubber strap, the design of the green is very distinctive, stylish and durable.

Panerai PAM961 is a highly commemorative watch, specially designed to commemorate the military style watch paid in tribute to the cooperative relationship with the Italian Navy Special Forces, which will surely set off an army of green heroes in many people's hearts! The 47mm case of the entire watch is made of real carbon fiber composite materials. Since the VS replica watches factory launched the first carbon fiber watch PAM616 replica watch, VS's carbon fiber material manufacturing process has been widely Cousins recognized. In addition to the bottom cover, the overall appearance is made of carbon fiber composite materials, and the color texture is perfectly presented. Together with the dark green strap, the appearance is extremely eye-catching.

The overall material of the Panerai PAM961 Replica Watch is 316L stainless steel, which is also the mainstream steel in the current market. The case is brushed, full of toughness, and equipped with green polymer carbon fiber material. The scale, the rest are white dots to represent the scale, the outer ring is a gear design, it is also very sporty, the charm of the appearance is absolutely full of green temptation.

The replica watches produced by the VS factory are also very popular in Japan because the quality is perfect enough. The Best Panerai PAM961 Replica Watch also continues the style of the previous watch. The sapphire crystal mirror is very permeable. At the same time, looking at it diagonally, you can feel the fisheye effect of the watch. This is a bit the same as the previous Panerai 616. , Its just a matter of size. Of course, this style of matching brings a very strong visual effect to the overall watch. Here I remind you again that the mirror of the watch should not bump, so as not to break the watch. Its the most perfect to wear it. wearing method!

The best highlight of Best Panerai PAM961 Replica Watch is the literal color of cement lime, decorated with the texture effect of gray shark skin, which is very attractive. Simple style, the whole is two colors: gray, blue as the key, and the blue small second hand is also the personalization that many watch friends consistently pursue, and the green small second is also corresponding to the overall green effect. , The combination of three-point calendar, the overall literal scale and font are very clear, and it is also the simple style of the overall watch.

PAM961 Replica Watch at 12 o'clock in the circle of the night is full and round, the 1-15 are coated with dark green luminous material, so that you can clearly see your diving time when diving. The layout of the dial is also very reasonable. There is a calendar display window at 3 o'clock. The white numbers are clearly visible against the charcoal black dial. Remotely echoing the small seconds dial at 9 o'clock, the overall atmosphere is elegant and elegant. The classic bridge configuration increases the recognition of the watch and can be recognized at first glance among the crowd. This is Panerai! At the same time, the bridge has the ability to protect the head of the watch, the hour hand can be adjusted independently, and the calendar can be adjusted quickly by adjusting the hour hand.

panerai PAM961 replica watch

The dense bottom design increases the waterproof strength of Panerai PAM961 Replica. The lettering on the back of the watch is very clear, which is shown in the real shot diagram at the back. At the same time, the back cover of the watch has been treated with a delicate drawing process. Textured, the bottom of the table is a 12-sided irregular composite material design, with clear Panerai logo and stealth English fonts engraved on the top and bottom, and a special limited mark and pattern in the center. Panerai PAM961 Replica uses the P9010 movement independently developed by VS. The movement part will be explained to everyone. In fact, it is not a true one-piece 9010 movement. It is a P9010 movement after changing the movement model printing. The balance wheel position of the movement is at 11 o'clock, while the balance wheel position of the P9000 movement is at 7 o'clock. Because it is a dense bottom design, there is no need to worry about the appearance of the movement, and it is accurate and highly stable. The military green rubber band is very comfortable to wear, and at the same time, the watch strap is folded. This design is also to increase the embarrassment of wearing the watch underwater, and it fits the wrist at the same time! With the design of the steel buckle, the matte texture is great!

This Panerai PAM961 Replica Watch is really good in workmanship, continuing the style of the previous watch and the stability of the movement. The biggest attraction of this watch is the value of the face, black with military green design style, very tough guy, full of military atmosphere. The same watch chooses a 42 mm diameter design, suitable for most small wrists, very conscience. So it is very popular in Japan